Process Safety and Risk Management 

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd in conjunction with DNI PRAESIDIUM (Pty) Ltd provides process safety and Risk Management Services to various industries. These services are both qualitative or quantitative and range from the application of methods to assess project risk and assist in decision making or to accessing process risk in terms of hazards and potential fatalities.  

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd has access to multiple data sets worldwide that provides failure frequencies and frequencies of Major Hazardous Events that are applied to the industries that we service and are the basis for the Quantitative Risk Analysis that we perform.  

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd integrates Process Safety and Risk Management throughout the project life cycle. The Following Services are provided: 

Neda Engineering Group
  • Project Risk Management

  • Monte Carlo Assessment

  • Decision Tree Analysis

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (Process)

  • Quantify  the risk and access the impact of barriers

  • Consequence analysis

  • Major Hazard Analysis

  • Dispersion Modeling

  • Fire Effect

  • Explosion effect

  • Risk Indices

  • Potential Loss of Life (PLL)

  • Individual Risk per Annum (IRPA)

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Process Safety

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis

  • Check List and What-if



  • Cause and effect

  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA and its derivatives)

  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)

  • SIL – IEC 61805 and IEC 61511

  • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

  • Bow-Tie Analysis (Also with LOPA)

Our Safety and Risk Engineering expertise allows Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd to produce inherent and functional safe designs that satisfy the ALARP principle.