The engineering department of the company is structured to provide each client with a full range of engineering services under one roof. This enables us to perform front-end engineering and design (FEED), detail designs and engineering expertise ranging from civil, electrical, structural, tanks, piping, fire fighting, pressurized equipment, and a drafting office.

Each discipline is managed by a qualified engineer with vast experience in that specific field. We are equipped with the latest software and our knowledge of the industry provides cost-effective designs and solutions to each client.

Neda Engineering Group

Structural Engineering

Decades of experience in the design and assessments of industrial and commercial steel structures enable us to offer a wide range of services in the structural engineering field. In addition, we conduct integrity inspections and assessments of structures in accordance with both the Mine Health and Safety Act and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act which require annual inspections of all structures.

Services offered are in accordance with recognized international standards and include the design and assessment of:

  • Structural support for conveyor systems design and assessment

  • Belt and screw design on conveyors according to CEMA

  • Access stairs, platforms, and cat ladders

  • Crane gantries

  • Pipe gantries and bridges

  • Overhead gantries and walkways

  • Lifting equipment

  • Industrial buildings and roof structures

  • Structural design analysis

  • Steel member design and analysis

  • Steel connections design and analysis

Specialized engineering services that are offered at Neda include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Seismic designs

  • Dynamic load analysis

  • Fatigue assessments

  • Failure investigations

  • Residual life assessment

Neda Engineering Group
Neda Engineering Group

Civil Engineering

With years of experience in civil design and analysis, Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd provides the best solution for your civil needs. With the latest technological advancements at our disposal, Neda is at the forefront of the engineering sector. All designs are kept to recognized international standards and modeled using the latest CAD software. All designs are modeled in a 3D environment to ensure efficiency and reduce costly design changes.

Services offered include the design and analysis of, but not limited to:

  • Roads

  • Bulk earthworks

  • Sewer and drainage

  • Structural Concrete

  • Base design

We utilize the following software in our design analysis and drafting of civil aspects:

  • Prokon

  • Autodesk Ultimate design suite

Specialized Engineering services include:

  • Seismic design

  • Foundations subject to vibration

Electrical Engineering

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd has designed and retrofitted numerous plants in the Petrochemical Industry, including that of the associated installations in hazardous locations. We offer the following:

  • Plant Layout.

  • Cable trenching, trunking and racking.

  • Hazardous area locations.

  • Equipment sizing: Motors, Transformers, UPS, Power Factor Correction, Backup Generation, Cables.

  • MCC Design

  • Automation, PLC, SCADA.

  • Equipment specifications and date sheets.

All design is in compliance with the relative IEC and SANS engineering standards.

Neda Engineering Group
Neda Engineering Group

Design and Draughting

Due to our broad expertise in mechanical, structural, piping design and draughting services. We provide customized solutions for your specific design and draughting requirements.  Our experience covers a broad spectrum of industries:  Sugar, Paper, Mining, Petro-Chemical and Lumber.

We are competent to generate the following detailed drawings:  isometric, general arrangement, fabrication and construction, PFD, P&ID’s, plant layout and assembly. All design and draughting, whether small or large projects, can be handled from the initial conceptual design stage through to the final As-Built and project handover.  All design and draughting services are conducted in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.  These can be adapted to suit the client’s specific requirements.

Services offered by the draughting office include:

  • 2D and 3D mechanical, structural, piping and civil detailing

  • 3D modeling, rendering, clash detection and walk-through

  • Hard to soft conversions

  • Conceptual layouts

  • Simulation

  • Plant modeling

The draughting office utilizes the following software: 

  • AutoCAD 

  • Inventor Suite

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • AutoCAD Electrical

  • Smartplant 

  • Revit

  • Navis works

The engineering design office utilizes the following software: 

  • Prokon (structural design) 

  • Caesar II (pipe design)

  • AFT Fathom (hydraulic analysis)

  • PV Elite (pressure vessel design)

  • Tank (API 650/620)

  • Code Calculation

Neda Engineering Group
Neda Engineering Group

Fire Engineering

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd provides a detailed Fire Engineering design of new fire fighting systems for both foam and water systems. Our fire fighting system designs are in accordance with National and International standards such as the South African National Standards (SANS) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

We provide fire engineering design, consultation and assessment for the industries such as, but not limited to: 

  • Petroleum

  • Mining

  • Agriculture and Food Processing

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Sugar

  • Architectural

  • Power generation

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd provides the service of fire engineering to our clients to evaluate their facilities according to NFPA 30 and then submitting recommendations concerning modifications and repairs of their facilities in order to be compliant with the relevant standards.

Piping Engineering

Our team of pipe design engineers and draughtspersons provide a unique combination of skills and decades of experience gathered in all sectors of industry.  This extensive knowledge helps us understand the client’s requirements and deliver optimum solutions.  Furthermore, we are considered competent piping designers according to the acceptance criteria of SANS 347 – Categorisation and Conformity Assessment Criteria for All Pressure Equipment. 

Neda Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd utilizes AutoCAD packages to generate various related drawings including PFD’s & P&ID’s, 3D pipe models, general arrangement, detailed isometric and stress isometric.

We make use of CAESAR II software to conduct a stress analysis of piping in accordance with the various design code requirements. CAESAR II uses a complete solution that allows quick and accurate analysis of piping systems subjected to a variety of loads that take into account weight, pressure, thermal, seismic and other static and dynamic conditions. 

In order to ensure process requirements, AFT Fathom Software is used for hydraulic analysis of the piping system.  This ensures the correct sizing of piping, pumps, etc. 

To determine the behavior of a piping system during a surge event Neda makes use of AFT Impulse Software to calculate the pressure surge in a liquid piping system during a transient event. This will ensure that the client operates its system with greater safety and reliability.

In addition, we also perform statutory piping inspections in accordance with API570, ASME B31G, and other recognized inspection standards.

Neda Engineering Group
Neda Engineering Group

Pressure Vessels and Tanks

Neda Engineering Group Pty (Ltd) is competent to design and certify pressure vessels and boilers in accordance with the latest international design specifications i.e.  ASME VIII DIV 1 & 2, PD-5500 and any other recognized codes. We have an up to date professional library containing all relevant design codes and computer-aided design software.

All pressure equipment is designed by registered professional engineers with a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in this field. Recertification and re-rating of pressure equipment are common requirements by our clients. Statutory inspections of pressure vessels, in accordance with the relevant Acts, are performed by our Competent Persons (CP) and Inspector of Pressurised Equipment (IPE).  Neda can also prepare vessels for inspections, hydraulic testing and reinstating back to service.

Neda Engineering Pty (Ltd) have extended experience in the design and inspection of Above ground Storage Tanks (AST). The design of AST is performed according to leading standards such as API 650 with tank analysis performed using the latest edition of Tank software.

Tank inspection is performed according to API 653, in-service and out-of-service inspection with all NDT survey done on the tank shell, roof, floor and weld as required.

Neda Engineering Group